Write For Balanced Achievement

Balanced Achievement’s guest author platform was built around the idea that by making space for a diverse collection of individuals to share their life-affirming guidance and self-improvement insights, our ability to make a positive difference will expand exponentially. For anyone who’d like to join us in spreading wellness and wisdom throughout the world, with hopes of transforming countless lives for the better, please read on to discover how you can offer your knowledge and expertise as a guest author:

Benefits of Writing For Us:

  • Gain exposure and boost your professional credibility in fields such as psychology, spirituality and personal development.
  • Share your wisdom with thousands of monthly website visitors and thousands of more social media followers.
  • Expand your network, increase lead generation and drive traffic to your website with reputable backlinks. 
  • Have your writing sharpened and polished by our in-house editorial team.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Experts in fields related to self-improvement who may hold professional titles such as: psychologist, life coach, mindfulness teacher, therapist, personal development writer/blogger, spiritual scholar, nutritionist, fitness trainer, relationship counselor, yoga instructor, financial manager or journalist.
  • Individuals who have transformational life advice or a compelling personal story to share with the world.
  • Those who can creatively offer a fresh perspective with high-quality content that simultaneously educates, entrains and inspires.
  • We DO NOT accept sponsored posts in any shape or form.

Writing Guidelines:

  • Original & Unique: All articles must be 100% unique to Balanced Achievement and cannot be published elsewhere online. The rights of guest posts become the property of Balanced Achievement after publication (writers maintain authorship credit).
  • Relevant & Relatable: Perspective writers should be familiar with what’s covered at Balanced Achievement and only submit pitches and/or articles that thematically fit within the editorial framework. Articles should be structured in a format similar to what’s commonly used at Balanced Achievement.
  • Voice & Tone: Guest contributors should additionally take into account the writing voice and tone that’s commonly used at Balanced Achievement. Unless you have an extraordinary personal story to tell, articles should be written in 2nd or 3rd person perspective.
  • Backlinks & Images: Guest authors will receive two backlinks in their bios and can offer a suggestion for one additional source-based link in the body of the article. All other linking is handled by Balanced Achievement’s editorial team. The images used in articles are also handled internally by our staff. 
  • Word Count: 1,000-3,000 words

You may find it useful to use the following articles as a guide for your writing: 

How To Submit Your Work:

If you already have a written article you’d like to submit for review, please email us at info@BalancedAchievement.com with ‘Article Submission’ in the subject line. Additionally, you should include the following information:

  • Small Bio: Tell us why you’re the perfect person to write this article. Include background information about your professional work, links to your website/social media accounts and a small
  • Links to Previous Work: Include 2 or 3 links to articles you’ve previously published online.
  • Written Article: Attach the written article in a word or pages document.

If you have an article idea you’d like to run by our editorial team before writing, please email us at the address above with ‘Article Pitch’ in the subject line and include a small bio, 2 or 3 links to articles you’ve already published online and a sentence or two describing the article(s) you have interested in writing for Balanced Achievement.

If you have an interest in writing for Balanced Achievement but can’t think of what to focus your writing on, you can email us at the address above with ‘Writing Inquiry’ in the subject line to inquire about some articles we’d like to have written by guest contributors. Please include a small bio (as listed above) and 2 or 3 links to articles you’ve previously published online.

Please keep in mind that it can take up to 14 days to hear back from us after submitting an article for review.